Please Consider a Tax Deductible Donation

Woodland Cemetery was founded in 1855 as the West Newark Cemetery and was also known as the German Cemetery. Covering approximately 36.5 acres, the cemetery was active well into the 1980s and still conducts a small number of burials in existing graves today. In addition, the Board of Managers has just opened a newly-developed Section 10 to make available grave sites and ash plots.

This once-beautiful cemetery has suffered from vandalism over the years. The Gothic Victorian gatehouse has been invaded, and the ground floor has fallen into the basement. Over 90 percent of the gravestones have been overturned, and the fencing along Rose Street has been torn down in places.

Woodland has been granted a non-profit 501(c)13 status by the Internal Revenue Service. Consult your tax adviser. The overall maintenance of the cemetery is funded by the earnings of a maintenance and preservation fund, but these limited earnings do not provide enough income to properly care for the cemetery.

We are currently funding our capital improvements to the cemetery through donations, and with that in mind, we now turn to you asking for a donation to help us.

A donation can be made on our website or by mail to our mailing address. One hundred percent of all monies earned or donated are used for the maintenance of this historic site.

We thank you in advance for any assistance you can give. Please feel free to continue to visit our website for updates on the improvements at Woodland Cemetery.

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