Weed Tree Removal

Weed trees have invaded Woodland Cemetery and continue to spread throughout. These different species of weed trees have been growing for years within the cemetery and simply cutting them off leaves a stump that continually sends out suckers and spreads through their roots. The stumps are mostly found at the base of headstones and monuments. After trying various methods of garden recommended removal remedies we have concluded that the stump needs to be completely removed to permanently address this issue. The stumps also interfere with the grass cutting operation. So at this time we have begun systematically pulling the stumps from the maintained area at a rate of 100+ per scheduled work day. While we are always protective of existing interments, the removal process does expose more previously hidden headstones needing to be reset. Also clean up, disposal of the vegetation, soil raking and grass seeding all remain to be done. Our continued objective is to expand this weed tree removal operation beyond the current grass cutting area as donation funding provides.

The root system of the weed tree stumps removed throughout this area grew straight down causing minimal surface damage when pulled.

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