A New Angel

Shaun Poland kneels next to the graves (Section S Plot 58) of his Great Great Great Grand parents Jacob and Ameliia Kocher.  He just finished helping erect a new memorial angel on Amelias’ grave. Amelia nee Evertz was born in Renish Germanyin 1856 and emigrated to the United States at the age of 4 with her parents. They resided on a farm on Boiling Spring Ave in East Orange. She passed in 1920. The stone marker for her husband Jacob Kocher, 1847 – 1905,  was uncovered and re-erected last year. Amelia’s stone was not found, but the foundation was uncovered and it now supports the new angel. On-going restoration work on other grave stones can be seen behind Shaun and further off in the distant background is South 10th Street. Submitted by Wesley Shelton

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