Sunken & Buried Headstones

When resetting a fallen headstone if the foundation is not visible the ground area is probed to try find it. As part of this process, sometimes a buried or lost headstone is discovered. When this occurs the buried stone is excavated and reset at the proper grave location and foundation. We then continue to probe to find the original desired foundation and reset that headstone also. Another instance is when a headstone has sunken, but the top remains visible. In this instance the tall and slender stone is lifted, then gravel is placed in the bottom to provide drainage and the raised stone is reset to its proper elevation. When the stone is a mantel clock shape, it is reset on a concrete base which also protects the stone from the mower. When the stone is found broken into pieces, epoxy is used to glue the stone back together. When the stone is weak on the existing foundation a concrete collar is added for stability and protection. The following collage shows examples of headstones found and addressed as part of this process. This work is funded with donations.

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