Paul Golba

Recently Paul Golba, son of Agnes Wolf(arth) visited Woodland Cemetery. His mother Agnes was very much an activist dealing with cemetery issues in the late 1990’s and appeared in newspaper articles exposing many misdeeds. Mary Lish was her friend and also appeared in a newspaper article and photo with Agnes. Paul remembered visiting a few times back then and spent time this day walking around viewing the restoration efforts currently underway. As we walked, he shared a great deal of cemetery history. Some from his memory, and some from reviewing his mother’s records that he still possessed. He wanted to do something, so we spent time grading depressed areas where soil had been dumped to level the mowing surface and did some general clean up by the gate house. Paul was very grateful for the restoration work underway and hoped to visit again. As he left, he expressed that his mother would be very pleased with what he saw today. Thank you, Paul, for the time you spent, the stories you shared, and the conveyance of the aged Woodland Cemetery records from the days of your mother’s involvement a long time ago.

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