Researching my family

Carl was my maternal grandfather who immigrated from Romanshorn, Switzerland with siblings and died of typhoid at age 35 when my mother was 4 years old. At that time my grandparents were living at 220 Elm St, Newark.

This Kohler headstone is for my maternal grandmother’s father, Philip J. Kohler (my namesake) and his wife, Christine M. Kohler (aka Christina). They would have been great grandparents to me. Philip was of German descent and Christine was of Danish descent.

This headstone is for Frederick C. Kohler who is the son of my maternal great grandfather Philip Kohler and his wife Minnie. They are my mother’s Uncle and Aunt. They lived on Ellis Ave, in Irvington until their passing.

Rudolph and Frieda Werner were the two children of my mother’s step-father, Reinhold Werner, whose ashes were buried with them in the same grave after he died at age 87 years in 1959. Reinhold was widowed after immigrating from Germany and married my maternal grandmother (Dora Werner) some years after her husband Carl Schanzenback died in 1908 (when my mother was 4). Rudolph & Frieda were step-siblings of my mother until their premature deaths. Reinhold was a great step-grandfather to me and my parents lived in his 3 family home in Irvington where I grew up and went to school. My grandmother Dora Werner was also buried in this family plot when she passed away in here 90’s in 1968.

Research by Philip Brower.

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