Stump Removal

Overrun by weed trees in certain areas, volunteers have resorted to cutting off the weed tree and mechanically pulling the stump as the only means of complete removal which includes the very long root system. Cutting the fast spreading weed tree off is simply not enough as suckers quickly return to the stump even after applying many different types of preventative chemicals on the remaining cut surface of the trunk. In these photos Wes Shelton (who has family buried in WC) with the help of his grandson Matt wrapped a chain around the stump and attached it to his van hitch. After a few tugs six stumps were removed as part of the overall work operation this day which included resetting headstones and general cleanup after hurricane Isaias. Great job.

Before the stump removal operation began.

After six stumps were removed, the soil was raked back in place. As needed more soil will be added to level these depressions which in turn will improve the cutting operation. This process plus resetting downed headstones is an on going repetitive operation.

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