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Matthias Grossner b. 1838 d 1918 note 1 research by Wesley Shelton

Matthias Grossner was born in Saxony Germany in 1842 (?) note 2. He immigrated to the United States with his parents, Freidrich and Elizabeth, and younger brothers George and Christian. They
traveled between decks (known as steerage) on board The Emma arriving in New York from Bremen
Germany. note 3 On July 4 ,1861 Matthias enlisted in Company I, of the New York 36th Infantry Regiment
under Cornel Charles Innes. note 4 The regiment nick named “The Washington Volunteers” was composed
mostly of Irish and Briton immigrants. The Regiment was encamped on Rikers Island and though it had
a tough start filling its roster, equipping and training they left New York for Washington DC in mid
July with a compliment of over 700 men note 5 . When they arrived in Washington they were quickly assigned
to the Army of the Potomac serving garrison duty in northern Virginia helping to construct Fort
Massachusetts. In the spring of 1862 the regiment saw its first action as part of the siege of Yorktown
and the subsequent battles of Lees Mills, Chickahominy Creek, air Oaks and Malvern Hill. During the
assault on Malvern Hill the 36th NY Regiment was the first to take the heights capturing 68 prisoners and
the colors of the 14 th North Carolina Infantry. note 6 It was during the 36th gallant charge on July 1 1862 at
Malvern Hill that Matthias was wounded. note 7 He fortunately recovered was able to return to duty by
August 8, 1862. He and the regiment went on to fight in the battles of Fredericksburg, Marye’s Heights and
Salem Church. With the two year enlistments running out the regiment returned to New York in early
July 1863. They arrived just before the July 13 Draft Riots. Ironically the regiment of volunteers fought
to quell the riots losing one man in the process. They were then mustered out of the service on July 15 th . note 8
Matthias returned to Newark and became a blacksmith. He married Sarah Trehune and started to raise a
family. note 9 They resided at several addresses then eventually purchased a home at 392 Bank St in Newark.
Matthias plied his blacksmith skills and specialized in manufacturing hardware for horse harnesses
creating a family business that lasted decades. Matthais died in December 1918 and is buried with his
family in Woodland Cemetery Newark NJ. note 10

  1. Dates and spelling as per family member Kathleen Campbell Other documents offer alternative spellings of the
    surname including a reference on his military records to the alternative spelling
  2. Several documents give this birth year including United States Census, United States Army enlistment, service and
    pension records
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