George Schnarr 1888 to 1918

Remembered in Woodland Cemetery with a cenotaph on the Schnarr family plot memorial. Cenotaph
literally translates from Greek meaning empty tomb. A cenotaph is a memorial for a person whose
remains are buried elsewhere. George Benjamin Harrison Schnarr was the 7th of 8 children and only one
of three to survive to adulthood. Born to George Heinrich Schnarr and his wife Caroline “Carrie”
Kocher Schnarr. George B.H was 29 years old when he enlisted in the US Marine Corp in January 1818
He left his job as a bookkeeper / clerk at an oil lube company in New York City and reported to Paris
Island, South Carolina for basic training. Training completed the new private was sent to France as part
of the American Expeditionary Force (A.E.F.) in May 1918. By July he was assigned as a replacement
to the 18 th Company E 5 th Regiment. On July 20, 1918 near Chateau Fere-en-Taudenois during the
counterattack of the Second Battle of the Marne. George was wounded. His mess mates reported to his
mother that they saw him quickly killed as they went over the top and they buried him on the battle field
where he fell. The U S Marine Corps records indicated that he was wounded and later succumbed to his
wounds in the Hospital After the war his remains were buried at the Oise-Aisne American Cemetery in

Research by Wesley Shelton

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