Volk family visit

On May 17 Debbie Alfano and her husband Carl came to WC to visit the grave of her family relatives “the Volk’s” buried in Section A Plot 38. Unfortunately, this location is outside the maintained area, but with a little hacking, branch and tree cutting the downed headstone marking the grave was uncovered. Debbie was simply overjoyed and recorded and photographed the visible information from the downed monument. Elizabeth Volk is her great grandmother. Casper Volk (1835 to 1923) and Katharine Buck Volk (1838 to 1934) are her Great Great Grandparents who were born in Germany and emigrated to the United States in the 1850’s. They lived at 421 New Street for many decades and had eight children. Most of the family was involved in the hat business and many of the Volk relatives are buried in Woodland Cemetery including John Buck (1810 – 1871) Debbie’s Great Great Great grandfather. All things considered this was a very exciting visit, with a few laughs, the wearing of a very stylish and appropriate outback hat, a lot of Volk family history was discussed and even a few stories about some of the other occupants in the cemetery were shared.

The Volk Sisters: Elizabeth, Christina, Katherine and Susan.

Listed on the monument are brothers Jacob, Adam and Casper Jr.

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