Ron Sell visits WC

On Friday April 15, 2022, (r to l) Ron Sell along with his son Jason Sell and grandson Joseph Sell stopped into WC to visit their ancestors’ graves. Ron remembers as a little boy many years ago visiting Section R Plot 104 which includes Rons Grandfather Joseph L Sell Sn and the Breitung family. More family members are buried in Section R Grave 189 and in Section Y Plot 277.

The four ladies’ pictures are (l to r): Sophie Breitung,

Dora Fisher Breitung of the Fisher Baking Co Asbury Park, NJ,

Rose Breitung and Minnie Breitung.

The WW I picture is Edgar Sell (Section R Grave 189) arms crossed

and wearing a “campaign hat” highlighted with a red dot.

Edgar was part of a medical replacements’ unit sent to France. If you look closely the truck, they are standing by is an ambulance (red cross on the side). Edgar was in a medical unit that shipped out from Camp Crane which was located on the Fairgrounds in Allentown Pa. where they trained ambulance drivers. In 1917 a lot of people had never driven let alone had any medical training. This additional military background information was supplied by Wesley Shelton.

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