Ludwig Sieben US Civil War Navy

Ludwig enlisted in the Navy in New York City in March of 1864, so he served during the Civil War. He first went to the USS North Carolina which was moored in New York as a receiving ship where he would have received his very limited basic training and been issued his uniform and such.

USS North Carolina

He was then assigned to the USS Otsego, a side wheel steam ship that was assigned to enforce the Union blockade in the Carolinas particularly the Roanoke Sound. The Otsego struck two mines on December 9, (10th) 1864, and was sunk in the Roanoke River. Ludwig was most likely aboard and he survived.

USS Otsego

Next Ludwig was assigned to the USS Atlanta. The Atlanta started her career as a Confederate blockade runner named Fingal. She made one (1) run into Savanah harbor where the Confederates converted her to an ironclad. She was captured by the Union in 1863 and renamed the USS Atlanta and spent the remainder of the was on patrol in the James River. It is unknown how long Ludwig Sieben served for, however since these were the only ships listed on his pension record it is presumed that he was mustered out at the end of the Civil War when the USS Atlanta was retired from service.

USS Atlanta

Ludwig Sieben is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Section R Lot 59.

This article was researched and written by Wesley Shelton

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